Your data

New Zealand collections receives data or personal information about debtors when creditors upload debtor information electronically via an online lodgement form found here:

This could include name, date of birth, phone number, email address, references and other personal information.

When they lodge the debt, this data is password protected and encrypted so it is held in a safe and secure way.

New Zealand collection staff are trained in the principals of the Privacy Act 1993 so they know who they can speak to and what they are permitted to say.

We offer other services to property managers including an online tenancy application form.

No data from that form is sent to NZ Collections or any other Debt Collection agency. These business units are kept separate and no data is ever shared.

Your data is safe, and will only be used as outlined in the privacy policy.

Our online tenancy application form is one of several available in the market. We suggest you review the privacy consents and privacy policy of each online application form you use if you want to know how your data is used.

The standard process once a tenant applies for a property is for the property manager to run a credit check before they accept you as a tenant and enter into a tenancy agreement.

The report they receive will show the tenancy applicant’s credit worthiness, along with the type, status and amount owing of a debt that has been loaded against them with that credit bureau.

These outstanding defaults on a person’s credit report are what property managers look out for to help guide them on whether the applicant is appropriate for the tenancy. Defaults that have a paid status show the property manager that the tenant applicant has settled that account.

Our goal at New Zealand collections is to work with debtors to help clear their defaults- by getting them into a paid or paying status.

This then helps debtors and tenants when they are looking for rentals in the future.

Please note that NZ Collections is a subsidiary of Tenancy Practice Service Ltd. To view our Privacy Policy please click here.

Watch the video to watch the data process from beginning to end!